‘It’s enough – more than enough – just to be with what is…’

London Mindful Practitioners is a non-profit support group for professionals working with mindfulness-based approaches. We have over 400 members, including mental health professionals, GPs, mindfulness teachers, mind/body therapists, school teachers, corporate coaches and people working in the media and arts.

We meet four or five times a year – online at the moment – with a presentation by a member or an invited speaker on how they’re using mindfulness in their work. The sessions always include some mindfulness practice, and a chance to meet and network.

If you have trained or are in training to use mindfulness professionally and would like to join our e-list for news of upcoming events, please email Nick,  via our contact page

‘Grateful thanks for what is a really terrific gift to all of us. I often feel overwhelmed by the all the mindless Mindfulness stuff that floods into my inbox, and the sheer impossibility of affording either the time or money to take part in all the offers of retreats and courses, but your network is a really reliable, kind, stimulating and helpful set-up.’